Wills & Estates

Changes To ODSP Allows For More Freedom In Long-Term Planning For A Loved One Living With A Disability By Paul Jasiura Estate planning provides you with the opportunity to ensure your loved ones are taken care of in the long term. However, when a loved one is living with a disability, and is receiving income support from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), proper estate planning is even more essential to ensure that inheritance or gifts to that individual do not impact their ODSP payments. July 25, 2018
Beware the Will-Kit Part II: Powers of Attorney In my first post, "Beware the Will-Kit: The Costly Consequences of a $9.99 Will", I discussed the importance of a lawyer-made Will. The same principle applies, if not more so, to Powers of Attorney. Similar to Wills, there are very specific legislative requirements as to the proper execution of Powers of Attorney, and failure to comply with any one of them could mean that your “DIY” documents are not legally valid. June 15, 2017
Beware the Will-Kit: The Costly Consequences of a $9.99 Will Why would you go to a lawyer to draft your Will, when you can create a “Do-It-Yourself” document at home for less than ten dollars? The simple answer is that the modest out-of-pocket expense now could save you and your Estate thousands of dollars in the long run. Beyond the financial consideration, there is invaluable peace-of-mind knowing that both you and your family will be protected by proper lawyer-drawn Estate planning documents, specifically tailored to your unique situation. April 19, 2017
Trustee Tip The Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision in Cahill v. Cahill demonstrates several valuable lessons for those who agree to be an executor or trustee. January 9, 2017
Family Feuds and Estate Mediation Serious Problem Meets Possible Solution By Fhara Pottinger Is your family on the verge of a serious breakdown due to events that came out of someone’s Will or Power of Attorney? Are people taking sides? Have conversations become screaming matches? Has everyone descended into a tense silence?

You may be in the midst of an Estate dispute.
July 15, 2015