Wills & Estates

Straight Talk About Estate Planning - Honesty and Your Lawyer By Fhara Pottinger One of my greatest challenges as a lawyer is ensuring that my client has told me everything that I need to know. My clients are generally not holding back out of malice or some intention to deceive me but rather a desire not to “waste my time”, to keep their costs down, or they just couldn’t imagine why I would need to know that particular piece of information. Sometimes I am given half-truths or edited information out of embarrassment as they don’t want to disclose a child they had before they married or perhaps advise that one of their children suffers from a mental illness. January 20, 2015
Straight Talk About Estate Planning for Pets By Fhara Pottinger For many of us, pets are beloved members of the family. Unfortunately, anyone who has worked in animal rescue can tell you that far too many beloved family pets end up abandoned and in shelters after their owner dies. If that pet is older or requires any form of medical care, their chances of getting adopted are slim. Veterinary care is expensive and benefit plans don’t cover an animal’s medication.

So what is a pet owner to do?
October 17, 2014
Beneficiaries: Protecting Your Benefits By Paul Jasiura Beneficiaries under the Will of a friend or relative often anticipate that they will receive their inheritance very shortly after the death, and are disappointed or annoyed by how long it is taking for the estate trustee to send the cheque. They then asked us what they can do to speed things along.

It is a good idea for a beneficiary not to let the administration of the estate languish unduly. Beneficiaries should ensure that good solid progress is being reported to them as to the administration from time to time. But beneficiaries should not become pests. Some reasonable time frame should be established with the estate trustee for reports as to his/her progress. This is true even if the estate trustee is a family member.
July 2, 2014
Straight Talk about Wills By Fhara Pottinger You’ve been meaning to do it for ages. Get a Will. Perhaps some Powers of Attorney as well. It ends up on your “to do” list many times, often for several years.

But finally, now is the time, you are going to get it done. The appointment is made and you are going to see a lawyer.
May 26, 2014
There’s a reason they call it legal services… At Weilers, our clients are not merely statistics, or “files”. They are the people who ensure our ongoing success, today and in the future. We are not interested in “putting through” as many wills and real estate deals as possible, but rather in developing relationships, in understanding what is important to our clients, so that we can continue to provide the services our clients have come to expect from us, and through our reputation, develop new client relationships. May 5, 2014