Energy Law

Our Energy Law Team provides representation and advice to land owners, First Nations, municipalities, companies and community groups on a wide range of Energy Law issues. Our lawyers have represented clients at the Ontario Energy Board and various courts and tribunals on Energy Law and other regulatory matters. We understand the challenges our clients face with respect to renewable energy generation in Ontario, and have participated extensively on behalf of our clients in the Ontario energy planning process.

Our Energy Law Team has a wide range of experience representing clients on Energy Law issues, including:

  • Renewable Energy agreements and approvals, such as leases, memorandum of understandings, impact benefit agreements
  • Feed in Tariff Program (FIT) and Micro Feed in Tariff Program (MicroFIT)
  • Energy policy and regulation
  • Energy generation and transmission
  • Ontario Energy Board (OEB) Proceedings
    1. Leave to Construct Applications
    2. License Applications
    3. Conservation & Demand Management
    4. Policy Review & Consultation, and
    5. Integrated Power System Plan
  • Environmental planning and negotiations
  • Environmental assessments and proceedings
  • Aboriginal consultation, duty to consult and public consultation
  • Creating and structuring corporations to facilitate and own energy projects
  • Municipal planning and building permits, and
  • Energy Law litigation with respect to FIT and MicroFIT Applications, leases, solar panels and other renewable energy projects.

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