Mining Law

Weiler, Maloney, Nelson has deep roots in mining. 70 years ago, founding partner G. B. “Bernie” Weiler began his practice at the mining camp in Hardrock, Ontario (now the town of Geraldton).

Today, we continue to advise, negotiate on behalf of and represent clients in relation to mining initiatives. Our clients include exploration, development and operating companies; First Nations; engineers; and contractors for supplies and services. Weilers maintains an extensive library of rare reference materials uniquely suited to mining inquiries.

Mining Law includes:
  • Claims registration
  • title searches and opinions
  • transfers in both the land titles registration system and the Provincial Recording Office
  • Property issues (including road access and surface rights)
  • Royalty and Net Smelter agreements
  • Options
  • Mine development and operation
  • Joint venture agreements
  • First Nations consultations and benefit agreements
  • Mining commissioner hearings
  • Issues related to:
    • Preliminary exploration
    • Exploration plans and permits
    • Advanced exploration
    • Closure
    • Reopening
  • Engineering agreements
  • Construction agreements
  • Power access, allocation and distribution
  • Site rehabilitation and remediation
  • Environmental requirements
  • Environmental prosecutions
  • Health and safety issues
  • Trade union issues
  • Employment agreements

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